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The Barburys range offers an exclusive line of grooming and care products for beards and moustaches. 

Beard Care

Whatever their length or style, beards and moustaches require regular care and maintenance, as the hairs are coarser and deserve special attention. This is why Barburys has developed a line of beard and moustache care products that contain Argan and Jojoba oils for a softer skin and a healthier beard.

Shampoo for Beards

0001752 - 250 ml | 000175250 - 50 ml (travel size)

Beards need proper maintenance. And the first step is a good wash. Barburys Beard Shampoo contains Argan and Jojoba oils, not only providing a gentle cleanse but ensuring your beard and the sensitive skin underneath stay healthy and hydrated.


0001753 - 250 ml

After washing, extra hydration is required to keep the hair soft and supple. Barburys Beard Conditioner gives a perfect silky smooth finish.

Beard Wax

0001755 - 50 ml

Use Barburys Beard Wax to style your pride and joy. Simply apply a small amount of wax to your beard and style for the smooth, clean-cut look you're after


What's more, the fresh fragrance of the products is a delight to the senses. The entire Barburys collection is characterized by the invigorating freshness of mint and citrus combined with an aromatic note of cinnamon – a contemporary classic fragrance.

Shaving Soap

0001709 - 100 g

Shaving soap is essential to a traditional shave. Simply wet Barburys Shaving Soap and use the brush to build a luxurious lather. Use the brush to apply the lather to your face and then start shaving. Thanks to the soap's unique alum and shea butter formula, irritated skin post-shave will be a thing of the past. 

Shaving Cream

0001750 - 1l | 000175050 - 50 ml (travel size)

For guys with a sensitive skin, Barburys has developed a specific shaving cream. Use your brush to build a lather with Barburys Shaving Cream and spread evenly across the skin. The cream will soften the facial hair and ensure the razor glides across the skin much more smoothly.

Transparent Shaving Gel

0001751 - 100 ml

Use Transparent Shaving Gel for the final finishes or contours of your beard. It is highly suitable for precise beard grooming, as it enables you to see your skin while you shave. Contains Argan and Jojoba oils for additional hydration.


0001740 - 75 g

Nicked yourself? Use the Alum Block to soothe the skin and prevent irritation after a shave. Alum will help stop any bleeding instantly and disinfect any minor cuts or abrasions. What's more it'll make your face feel fresh and vibrant again

Hemo stop

0001738 - 33 g

A nick or two during a shave is inevitable. But having Hemo Stop on hand offers instant relief for small cuts, soothing the skin and stopping any bleeding.


7718810 - single piece

Apply these sticks to any nicks, cuts or irritated areas on your face after a shave to provide instant soothing relief for the skin.


7718899 - Display 48 pcs.

Apply these sticks to any nicks, cuts or irritated areas on your face after a shave to provide instant soothing relief for the skin. This box contains 48 packs of sticks. 

Aftershave Balm

0001754 - 250 ml | 000175450 - 50 ml (travel size)

After a good shave, apply Barburys Aftershave Balm. Barbury's balm rehydrates, softens and repairs the skin after every shave, strengthening the skin and protecting facial hair from irritation. 

Aftershave Spray

0001761 - 100 ml

If you prefer the good old way of aftershave treatment, try our fresh Barbury’s Aftershave Spray. Smell great, feel better!


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