Barburys by Sibel supports professionals in their passion for the art and offers a range of high quality products to meet their customers' high and varied expectations. Whether it's razors or brushes, Barburys offers everything a barber needs.

Shaving Knives

Barburys by Sibel offers an extensive range of razor blades suitable for any type of customer: open, straight razors for a traditional shave, butterfly safety razors for a classic, safe shave, as well as razors with disposable blades. Regardless of whether you're a seasoned barber or a razor novice, Barburys is guaranteed to have something for everyone.

Bonus Wood


A straight razor is indispensable for a traditional shave. Straight razors have been used by barbers since the 17th century and, as such, are essential to the Barbury collection. The Shaving Razor is made of stainless steel, ensuring a sharp and durable edge. The blade should be sharpened using a shaving strop and sharpening paste.



The Gentleness razor is a descendant of the traditional straight razor. Barburys' vintage Gentleness razor uses a shortened blade that can be replaced after each shave or after every customer. Sharpening your blade is a thing of the past: it's easy, clean and highly precise!

Butterfly - Matt Black


From the moment it was invented in 1904 up until the early 1970s, the safety razor was the preferred shaving tool for men. And these days they're more popular than ever. The Butterfly offers numerous benefits, being ultra sharp, with its weight providing a pleasant solid and sturdy feel when in use. Twisting the handle opens the butterfly mechanism, allowing you to easily replace the blades between shaves.

Timeless - Black Metal


Timeless is another product that combines vintage aesthetics with modern-day easy shaving. This chrome-plated razor is compatible with Gillette MACH3 disposable blades.

Distinctive - Black Horn


If you don’t want to switch to traditional shaving techniques but still want a razor with a vintage look, then you'll love the Distinctive. The Distinctive is a modern razor with a 100% horn handle and a chrome-plated metal cutting head, compatible with Gillette Fusion disposable blades. 

Shaving Brushes

To obtain a rich and luxurious lather, a good shaving brush is vital. So Barburys by Sibel offers a wide range of brushes.

A brush's price and quality is determined by three factors. 

The first is the quality of the bristles. Badger bristles hold more water and thus are able to build a superior lather quickly. In addition, the brush is agreeable and soft to the touch. 
Boar bristles are firmer and more compact, as well as more affordable. Barburys also offers brushes with synthetic bristles. 
Secondly, the quantity of bristles on the brush, expressed in mm, is also a key factor. The more bristles, the wider your brush and the more lather you will be able to build.  All Barburys brushes have a diameter of at least 21 mm to achieve maximum shaving comfort. 
Finally, the handle and design are crucial aspects of the brush. Barburys offers acrylic, wood, horn or plastic handled brushes, suitable for all budgets from affordable to high end.  



Barburys sourced the softest and most flexible badger bristles for the SILVER. The brush is wider and holds more water than other brushes and, as such, will not drip water when brought to the face. The Silver builds a compact and unctuous lather and its acrylic handle makes for a comfortable shaving experience. What can we say? It's an exceptionally crafted brush.

LIGHT - Quartz


The LIGHT brush is also made of high quality badger bristles, though narrower than the SILVER. The brush is available in a stylish, contemporary design.

GREY - Silhouette


For those looking for a more affordable option, but still looking for high quality and authentic badger bristles, there's the GREY.  The GREY brush is available in various models and colors. Handle available in olive, bamboo, walnut, horn or synthetic resin. 



Barburys introduces the TECHNO, a brush with synthetic bristles as an alternative to traditional, animal bristles. Synthetic bristles offer almost identical elasticity and softness to authentic badger bristles. Furthermore, the brush is highly suitable for men with acne: synthetic bristles retain fewer bacteria and are more hygienic to use. 

CODE - Ergo


These brushes are made of firm and compact boar bristles and massage the skin as you apply the lather. 100% natural and highly affordable!



100% natural boar bristles 

Some extras

DOuble Sided Towels


Those double sided towels are perfect for barbers: one waffled side for cutting and shaving and a soft side for drying.

Double Sided Towels


Those double sided towels are perfect for barbers: one waffled side for cutting and shaving and a soft side for drying.

Shaving Bowl


A contemporary shaving bowl.

Bobo Bowl


How can a guy build a proper lather without a shaving bowl? Well, he can’t. That's why Barbury offers this vintage porcelain bowl. 



A shaving accessory to wipe your razor clean after a shave.


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