Whether it’s beards, sideburns, lamb chops, moustaches, goatees or a smooth, clean-cut look, these days, anything goes. More than ever, barbers and hairdressers have to keep up with ever-changing male fashion trends. Nowadays, just cutting a cool quiff isn’t enough – it’s all about shaving, trimming beards and styling moustaches. Barburys by Sibel supports professionals in their passion for the art and offers a range of high quality products to meet their customers’ high and varied expectations. Whether it’s razors or beard conditioner, Barburys offers absolute must-have products!

New products

DOuble Sided Towels


Those double sided towels are perfect for barbers: one waffled side for cutting and shaving and a soft side for drying.

Shaving Cream

0001750 - 1l | 000175050 - 50 ml (travel size)

For guys with a sensitive skin, Barburys has developed a specific shaving cream. Use your brush to build a lather with Barburys Shaving Cream and spread evenly across the skin. The cream will soften the facial hair and ensure the razor glides across the skin much more smoothly.


0001753 - 250 ml

After washing, extra hydration is required to keep the hair soft and supple. Barburys Beard Conditioner gives a perfect silky smooth finish.


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